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An Announcement

Hey folks,

To those who know me personally, this may come of no surprise, but for those who stay updated online: you may have recently noticed a recent downswing in online activity here on YeahYankee. I'm happy to announce that it's because I've been working very hard, behind-the-scenes, on my debut novel.

Creeps, Anonymous centers around a jaded 20 year-old who manages to drag herself out of the fallout of her parent’s messy divorce with the help of an eccentric older man with intimacy issues. A dramadey in three acts about the sublime and the absurd, Creeps completes sometime next year.

While I can't share a whole lot online, I'll be posting excerpts here, along with an option to read the full chapter through Patreon--so you can stay up-to-date and, should you want to--support the book with a donation.

Within the week, the excerpt will be posted online.

Stay tuned and stay weird,


#creeps #book #announcement

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