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November 20, 2019

October 19, 2019

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Znakomyy, Part 2

November 20, 2019

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07.04.18 The Fourth

July 7, 2018


Being away from home on the Fourth of July is a little like walking around with no one knowing that it was your birthday. You kept waiting for someone to remember and finally say it, but the release never came. 1984’s Band Aid “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” came a bit to mind.


But independence was still at the forefront of my morning walk to the village. The Catalonians, with the referendum’s unfavorable outcome behind them, could still be seen proudly draping the orange-and-red flag from their balconies. Yellow ribbons denoting support of Catalonian sovereignty hung from door knobs, window sills, and were fastened to fences.

We are told by our resident advisor that the loss was more sorely felt here in the villages, rather than the more metropolitan areas like Barcelona. Here, people still believed in a separate state, but didn’t like to talk politics in the presence of visitors, thinking it largely rude. Even without asking, it was clear in an unspoken way that broaching the topic straight-on was considered gauche.The juxtaposition of Fourth of July happening at home, and the lack of independence here struck an odd chord in me that I wasn’t able to shake until lunchtime.