Yankee (n)

1. A person from a northern or northeastern state of the United States.


New York Native, and known scoundrel, Gabriella Shlyakh likes to roll dice, swing swords and pen stories that she wants to see in the world. She now lives in Los Angeles to write for lovely folks who like video games, comics, and animated series.

Publications and Mentions

Completed Series - 2021 - Tiger, Tutor, Delivery Girl - On WattPad.
VC Reporter's Fiction 101 Contest - 2019 - "Sword Collection" Flash Fiction.


New York Emerging Writer's Series - 2019 - "Eugene" Short Story.


PostBLANK Press, PostSTRANGER Spring 2019 - "Voyeur" Poem.


NYSAI Press, Spring 2018 - "Mustard Frames" Short Story.


New York Emerging Writer's Series - 2018 - "Neighbor" Short Story.