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Full screenplays/writing samples available upon request. Please message via LinkedIn or Email to request a copy.

Salt Dogs (Pilot)

A scrapyard mechanic yearning to leave their mining colony finds themselves enmeshed in a corporation's messy power struggle in a forgotten, lawless quadrant of space. Oh, and there's a rouge AI on the loose. (Adult Animated Series, Science Fiction, Space Western)


The Ballad of Finn & Alma (Pilot)

An exiled witch is tasked with returning cursed artifact before it takes her life. Finding herself a continent away and only a year to complete her journey, she enlists the help of a washed-up pirate captain hurting for coin. What follows is an epic quest of curses, ex-girlfriends and facing your fears. (Adult Animated Series, LGBQTIA)


Chez Moi

Former Air Force Brat turned Langley Officer, Andie has never been a sentimental lady--her work and life has never allowed for it. What happens when people and circumstances force a person to reconsider how good they are at being alone? (Live Action, Thriller, Female Lead)

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