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Olivia Simon is a girl on the mend, reeling after the death of her best friend and a botched suicide attempt. After she finishes a stint in the hospital, she finds her childhood home foreclosed and her parent's marriage imploding. Creeps is a coming-of-age fable about depression, and being true to oneself in a place that no longer feels familiar.


A tiny trace or spark of a specified quality or feeling.

A collection of erotic shorts about the fleeting, blink-and-you'll-miss-them moments between people.


Told in the style of old Romance epics, we follow Alma, an exiled witch given a year to return a stolen relic, and the swashbuckling sell-sword who helps her cross a continent of dragons, curses, and ex-girlfriends.


Dr. Michelle Rubinov Spotleva is a woman who's got it all--a husband that loves her, tenure and a research position at an Ivy League University--except for one secret she's trying to keep: she comes from a line of witches, and one that comes with a familiar bound to her by blood.

A grim, sexy retelling of the Russian Fairytale, The Snow Queen.

(Cover Art by Samuel Dutter.)

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